Who We Are | Banes Associates

Banes Associates was founded in 1983 as a Manufacturer's Representative Organization. We call on utilities, municipals, consulting engineers, OEM's, and distributors. We are members of EERA. Our territory is the southern half of California from the county lines about 20 miles north of Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo to San Diego and the Mexico border and west to the Nevada line. We cover Clark County Nevada for some principals.

David Banes, President, BSME, West Virginia University has had experience as sales application engineer, regional sales manager, and assistant national sales manager prior to joining Banes Associates in 1985.

Alex Banes, Vice President, BSEE, Drexel University has experience as an application engineer, marketing manager, sales manager, and vice president of sales and marketing prior to founding Banes Associates in 1983..

Jay Whelan, Application Engineer, BSME, University of Utah. Experienced as an Chief Engineer, Product Engineer and Design Engineer. Experienced in International Technical Sales, Quality Issues and Customer Support. Proficient Spanish and Chinese.

Our approach to selling is to listen to customer's needs and then give application assistance from our product scope to best satisfy those needs. We make sure we understand all the technical aspects, features and benefits of the products we represent. We strive to equally represent both the customer interest and our product supplier's interest to achieve mutual satisfaction. Prompt response is sacred to both customers and principals. Our previous factory management experience gives us the insight of needs for product forecasting, understanding the legal and commercial issues, correct order entry information to avoid costly errors and delays for product shipments. We pay attention to detail..