Product Lines | Banes Associates

T&D Equipment

Current transformers, Potential transformersArteche
Current-limiting systems, Harmonic filter banks, Power capacitor banksCastle Power Products
Custom Coated and Molded products, Avian ProtectionCustom Coating Innovations
High and medium voltage disconnect switches including folding vertical break, vertical break, center break, double end break, side break, semi-pantograph, indoor and outdoor tilt switches, grounding switches, manual and motor operators and accessories.EMSPEC
Power Transformers, Auto transformers and GSU transformers, 60 MVA through 750 MVA ONAN, Mobile Substations 3 MVA through 80 MVA ONAN, Shunt Reactors 200 MVAr, 765 kV, Modular Distribution Centers 3 MVA through 10 MVA ONAN, Surge Arresters 5-500 kV, CG Power Americas
SF6 and Vacuum Switches (Utilities Only)G&W Electric Co.
Cable Terminators HV Potheads (Utilities Only)G&W Electric Co.
Current Limiting Protector (CLiP), 480V thru 69KV, thru 4000AG&W Electric Co.
Cable splices, junction barsG&W Electric Co.
Orion Family of Substation Automation Platforms, Bitronics Power Measurement and Event Recording productsNovatech
Medium and low voltage circuit breaker replacement and retrofill modernization solutionsSchneider Electric Services
Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Arc Resistant Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchboards, Paralleling Switchgear, and Switchgear Retrofit/Upgrade Services SAI Advanced Power Solutions

Test & Maintenance Equipment

AC and DC Dielectric Test Sets, Transformer Test SetsPhenix Technologies
High Current Breaker/Recloser Test Sets Phenix Technologies
Liquid Dielectric Test SetsPhenix Technologies
Motor Test Sets, AC, DCPhenix Technologies
Meter Testing EquipmentPowermetrix