Companies | Banes Associates

CTs and PTs thru 69 KV, Cast resin constructions

Digital ammeters, digital volt meters, and digital fault recorders

Current-limiting systems, harmonic filter banks and power capacitor banks.

CG Power Americas

Oil filled transformers, padmount distribution, medium and large power, mobile substations, surge arresters, modular distribution centers

Custom Coating Innovations

​Custom Moldings and Coating, Wildlife Mitigation

High quality switching equipment, including a complete range of high and medium voltage disconnect switches such as the folding vertical break, vertical break, center break, double end break, side break, semi-pantograph, indoor and outdoor tilt switches, grounding switches, manual and motor operators and a complete range of accessories.

G & W Electric Company

Solid Dielectric & SF6 insulated distribution switches, Solid dielectric reclosers, Distribution and Transmission cables splices, joints and terminations

Phenix Technologies

AC and DC Dielectric Test Sets

High Current Breaker/ Recloser Test Sets

Liquid Dielectric Test Sets

AC and DC Motor Test Sets


​Measurement, electric metering verification & revenue protection solutions

SAI Advanced Power Solutions

​Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Arc Resistant Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchboards, Paralleling Switchgear, Switchgear Retrofit/Upgrade Services

​480V-38kV Switchgear repairs and upgrades, custom switchgear, engineering and field services, relays and automation solutions, arc flash and coordination studies, etc.

​Transformer oil coolers, portable transformer coolers, Harley sleeve bearings, TecSonics bearing wear monitor system, Cardinal pumps and exchangers